9:00am/12:45pm– WELCOME (doors will be open 5min before) – remove outdoor shoes/boots outside the classroom, parents sign-in child, encourage child to hang up own jackets/backpack and put on indoor shoes. Find their names and put it up on the Welcome board.

9:00-9:10am/12:45-12:55pm – SETTLING TIME (10min) – coloring, reading or puzzles only – Parents are encouraged to stay and help there preschooler settle into school and gradually leave before circle time.

9:10-9:30am/12:55pm-1:15pm – CIRCLE TIME (20min)

  • Attendance and birthdays
  • Calendar (year, month, days of the week, counting)
  • Introduction of the letter/number/color of the day
  • Special Helper of the day does the weather and show & tell

(Monthly calendars will show when your child’s special day will be)

9:30-10:20am/1:15-2:05pm – LEARNING TIME (50min) – Activity centres (related to language development, math, science, social studies, music, art and crafts). Learning through play will be the primary focus of the 3 year old program, while more emphasis on kindergarten readiness skills and concepts during the 4 year old program.

10:20-10:30am/2:05-2:15pm – CLEAN-UP, BATHROOM/HANDWASH (10min)

10:30-10:45am/2:15-2:30pm – SNACK TIME (15min)

10:45-11:10am/2:30-2:55pm – CIRCLE TIME (25min) – exercise/games, songs, fingerplays, and stories.

11:10am-11:15am/2:55-3:00pm – READY FOR HOME (5min) – take off shoes/getting on jackets

11:15am/3:00pm – GOODBYE – preschoolers are let out

(Teachers will dismiss and sign children out. Parents to pick up crafts outside of the classroom)