Daily Activities: Children are active learners and therefore it is important for them to wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely in the classroom and that allows them to go to the washroom easily and independently.

  • Each school day, please send the following in your child’s backpack:
  • A pair of non-marking indoor shoes and a change of clothing
  • A water bottle, labelled with their names, and a healthy snack.
  • Appropriate clothing for inside and outside play

Snacks: Please pack a healthy snack for your child to bring to school. All snacks must be nut free.
Snack time is at 10:30am for the AM classes and 2:30pm for the PM classes.

Parents are to inform staff if the child develops new allergies after preschool has begun.

Special Occasions: Our food policy does not accept any food prepared in the home. On special occasions, any snacks brought in must be purchased from a government-inspected facility, such as a grocery store or bakery. A list of ingredients of any brought in snacks is needed. All must be nut-free. Please advise staff ahead of time if you are planning to bring in a snack to preschool.

Parent Help: Parents are not required to volunteer their time at Sunshine Park Preschool, however parents are always welcome to come in and see what we are doing, share some time with their preschooler or share something special with the class (career, activity etc). We ask that for the first month (September), as your preschooler becomes familiar with school and being away from parents, that parents do not come in, so that a routine can be established without a parent there.

Discipline Policy: At Sunshine Park Preschool, we maintain a respectful and safe environment. In the classroom, we take a preventative approach to discipline. Our first line of discipline is to talk with the child/children involved in the behaviour; if the behaviour continues, the child/children will be removed from the play centre and must find another play space; if the behaviour continues, the child/children will spend time with a staff member in a centre of the staff’s choosing, until the child/children decide to resume playing in a respectful manner. If further discipline is required, parents will be notified and staff will work along with them to correct the behaviour.

Arrival/Dismissal: Classroom doors open FIVE minutes to 9am and 12:45pm. Circle time begins at 9:10am and 12:55pm. Each child needs to be signed IN and OUT every class. It is important to be on time to pick up your child as teachers have noon hour and after school commitments. Please call if you are going to be late.

  • Unauthorized pick-up – parents must list on the registration form the names of all persons who are permitted to pick up their child. Please notify staff in writing if someone else not listed on registration will be picking up the child. In rare emergency situations, arrangements can be made verbally. Child will not be release to any person not listed.
  • Alleged impaired pick-up – child will not be released to an authorized person who is unable to adequately care for the child. The staff will offer to call a relative or friend to pick up the person and child, or offer to call a taxi to pick them up.
  • If a custody or court order exists, a copy of the order must be placed in the child’s file.

Toys: Please discourage your child from bringing toys to school, as many of them tend to get misplaced. Often at the beginning of the year, a cuddly animal/doll is needed to help establish a sense of security; these toys are welcome but please label them.

Health Policy: Please keep your child home if:

  • Has a known or suspected disease such as measles, chickenpox, mumps etc.
  • Has symptoms such as generalized rash, vomiting, diarrhea, chronic cough, thick yellow-green nasal discharge, discharge from the eyes
  • Persistent fever – a child should be fever free without medication for 24hrs before returning to class
  • Too ill to take part in regular activities; listlessness and general appearance of not being well

To prevent the spread of illness, please encourage your child to sneeze/cough in the crook of their arm, wash their hands after coughing/sneezing into hands, blowing nose and after going to the washroom. Keep children home until they are well.

If a child becomes ill at school, parents will be called to come pick them up immediately.